What type of fantasy rugby coach are you?

We all have different approaches to winning, and we've compiled a list of the different types of fantasy rugby coach out there; which one are you?

By Edward Kerr
16th November 2020
By Edward Kerr
16th November 2020

We all have different approaches to winning, and we've compiled a list of the different types of fantasy rugby coach out there; which one are you?

The Big Spender

You work on a top down approach. You start with 15 of the most expensive players in the game, and then see who else you need to make the numbers up. Ironically, you always end up owning the cheapest player on the game.

The Set and Forget

Exactly as it says on the tin; you set, and then you forget. Everyone else was choosing their team, and you thought this year was the year you were going to take it seriously. Roll on a month and you've not touched your team and decide maybe next year will be the year...

The Magician

The Magician is a special type of set and forget manager. They're the ones who don't touch their lineups or make a transfer all season, and yet somehow end up doing remarkably well. Of course, it was all down to their superior rugby knowledge back at the beginning of the season.

The Statistician

You've got spreadsheets. You've spent all summer crunching last season's data and you've worked out which players promise the best value for money. Each week you review every stat and work out which player is going to deliver for the upcoming gameweek. Then you realise it's four in the morning.

The Auto-Selecter

If it's meant to be, it's meant to be...

The Novice

You only signed up to support your partner, thinking it might be something nice that you can both share. You start with no idea, but by the end of the season you're ahead on points and your relationship is on the line...

The Peeper

Never looks at the stats, just goes to the top of the leaderboards and looks at who everyone else has brought into their squads. Doesn't contribute much to the fantasy chat, but always seems to have the players everyone else was talking about...

The Spend Thrift

You hate spending big money on a player; why would you when Owen Farrell's salary could be spread across two or three players? You love findng the gem that costs little but offers so much promise. It was Mark Wilson last season, but he costs too much this year...

The Hometown Hopeful

You're convinced that this is the year for your favourite club and you're excited to get your fantasy squad together with all of the teams best players. But wait, what? You can only choose six from one club! Who makes the cut? Damn this game for not letting you choose the entire team!

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