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Whether we are on the field of play, or in the clubhouse afterwards, rugby is the glue that binds us all. Our support programme is designed to bring everyone involved with your club together, and help you earn more money.

How does it work?

Our 'Support your club' initiative is designed to stimulate rugby conversation and bring a club closer together. This extends beyond a club's normal footprint and brings in members of the wider community that might not otherwise be involved with the club or support it financially.

For every paying user on our fantasy game that is associated with your club, you will get 50%* of their payments. With games for the World Cup, Six Nations, Premiership and more, there is plenty of opportunity to engage and involve a wider audience in something they can collectively enjoy. (*after applicable taxes)

New revenue channel

All of us here have grown up playing rugby, and we know the challenge for clubs to find extra revenue is very real. That's why we've set up this programme; the more users a club has on board, the bigger their income.

Increased unity

While rugby is a focal point of conversation within clubs already, adding fantasy into the mix increases the engagement with the game, as well as nurturing bonds between team mates that might not have existed otherwise.

Community engagement

Those who still grace the field of play are the tip of the iceberg for rugby clubs, there is a huge cast of supporting members; from parents and siblings to partners and friends, this initiative allows a club to tap into an otherwise untouched demographic.

I have to say, a huge thank you from all of us in our league, we have all thoroughly enjoyed playing, fantasy rugby has dominated the chat at the club.

As Head Coach, I'm in charge of the club awards next week at our dinner, and I’ve personally bought a trophy for the winner of our fantasy league!

You’ve done a brilliant job and actually helped the team bonding at the club through fantasy rugby!

Gareth - Head Coach

Register your club

In order to register to our 'Support your club' programme, please enter a few details below, and we will get in touch to complete your registration.

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