Fantasy Rugby: How do player values work?

Over the course of the season, player values will fluctuate, and this article aims to shed some light on what's going on under the bonnet.

By Edward Kerr
16th November 2020
By Edward Kerr
16th November 2020

One of the more challenging but most rewarding aspects of a fantasy game, is unearthing the player whose value is low at the start of the season, but turns out to be an absolute gem.

Last year, it was Sam Simmonds, but who do you think it will be this year...?

How we value a player takes into account a lot of different variables; their ability is obviously the key factor, but we also consider their long term potential, as well as lot of other factors. Thus there might be young players who appear to cost more than their experience suggests. This is because we think they are going to perform well over the course of the season. Equally, there are players who perform incredibly well from a fantasy point of view, who carry comparatively low costs; they are their for the finding!

Player costs will remain the same until the season gets started, at which point, they will slowly rise based on a number of different factors. The first of these is the amount of users they are chosen by. This one is a key fantasy metric that appears in plenty of other games, and is the basis of the fantasy stock market.

Further to this however, a player's value also takes into account their performance on the field of play. Play well, and you cost more. Play poorly and your cost will diminish. Don't play at all and your cost will bottom out. A player's value will never drop below where they started at the beginning of the season, though they may very well drop below the value you purchased them for.

Value and ownership is now something you can track on a player's profile page, so you can see the patterns that appear over the course of the season and make the necessary changes to your squad in order to maximise your budget.

Hopefully this gives you a good pointer for getting the most out of our fantasy rugby, and if you have any questions or queries please do get in touch, otherwise good luck for the season.

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Written by: Edward Kerr
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