Fantasy Rugby: Scout Recommendation

The scouting centre upgrade for our fantasy game offers plenty of extra functionality, and one of the key tools is your scout's recommendation of a player. This article takes a look at how this works...

By Edward Kerr
28th August 2018
By Edward Kerr
28th August 2018

We want our fantasy game to be as immersive as possible, and for you to feel like you are the head of a real life club. To that end, we've built in some tools that will help you build and manage your squad, of which the scout recommendation is an important one.

The scout recommendation is available as part of our scouting centre upgrade, which is available in both the silver and gold upgrades. In order to view the recommendation for a player, they need to have been added to your squad or your watchlist; once this is done, there is a four hour period where your scout will head off and collate the data for the player.

Once available, it will assess a player on 16 different areas of their game, as well as providing a percentage score on their opinion of the player.

Let's take Willie le Roux as an example:

As you can see, your scout can provide a comprehensive report on how important this player is, or can be to your squad. While the overall recommendation is often enough to make a player choice on, the ability to compare players based on specific parts of their game is invaluable, and can be a big help when choosing your squad.

If you would like to get access to the scout recommendation, please consider upgrading your game.

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Written by: Edward Kerr
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