Fantasy Rugby: Team Names

Are you struggling to think up a name for your fantasy team? Fear not! We've canvassed and curated the best options available for your delectation...

By Edward Kerr
18th November 2020
By Edward Kerr
18th November 2020

While you are gearing up for the season ahead by deliberating over your fantasy rugby squad, the biggest decision is often sat at the back of mind, nestled away till a later date, and often going stale before awesomeness can take hold; what shall I call my team?

But fear not fellow rugby managers! The Rugby Mag is here to save the day with some ideas to kick you off on the right track!

Obviously, you could go for something simple: Name's Rangers, Name's Cavaliers, Name RFC. These won't win you the coverted title of most awesome name though...

Instead, everyone loves a pun, so we've pulled together a few below. Be warned though that some are better than others (mainly everyone else's are better than mine!):

  • Just can’t a Ford the staff
  • I Schalk forget to put a Burger on the barbie
  • Watson the tele?
  • Hougaard the stash?
  • Taking the Lawes into his own hands
  • What a lahiff
  • Pull my Fainga'a
  • The Faz is mightier than the Ford
  • The First Nowell
  • Burrell into the sand
  • Morgan a feeling
  • Only Twelvetrees?
  • You'll always find me in the Kitchener at parties
  • Overhill, Underhill, wandering free 

If you've got any more to add to the list (you've come up with so many you could spare a few), please let us know and we can add them here!

All the best and good luck for the season.

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Written by: Edward Kerr
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