Fantasy Rugby

We didn't set out to build just another fantasy rugby game;
we set out to redefine what's possible.

In our game, you don't build a team of 15 or 23 players - as in real life, where clubs need to withstand the ups and downs of a season, you too need to build a squad of players, all while remaining within the salary cap. Do you have a big squad of cheap players, or a small one with expensive players?

Super Rugby Fantasy Rugby Team

Can you build a squad that can weather an injury crisis, international duty and game week byes? Do you pick based on reputation, or the unknown wonderkid? Do you choose a finisher on the wing, or a man who makes the metres? These are the decisions that could make or break your season.

Alex Goode Player Profile
Fatnasy gameweek live dashboard

Players can play in multiple positions, giving you flexibility to build your squad.

Player values change for better and for worse over the season based on performance and selection.

Full statistical detail and player information adds unprecedented depth.

Our gameweek live dashboard gives you access to the unfolding events over the course of the weekend.

Premiership fantasy player list
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